See what's on our table for Scarborough Fare

See what's on our table for Scarborough Fare


A portion of dinner.. of sorts.. we were too full when it came time for dinner

The above three photos are reminiscent of my successful attempt to zucchini "fritters". Similar to being made in the fashion of potato latkes. The zucchini makes them so much lighter tasting. I will follow up with my version of the recipe. I took a drastic twist away from the seasoning that was being recommended.

If you're interested, let me know.

k? Penny Sue


Yes, Hospitality has been obviously missing...

Hey ya'll...

I haven't been able to post in a long time. Tomorrow I'm going to be cooking up a storm... and hopefully getting out into the shop and getting it ready to OPEN!

I'll take pics... and hope for the best.

Upcoming on the menu...

Chicken Noodle Soup (Low sodium)
Roasted Beef for sandwich meat for low sodium
Shredded zucchini...with a recipe for zucchini fritters (not mine, but amazing!)
Brats with beer, onions and kraut
and whatever else I find to cook! Woo-hoo!

Come join our table..
Penny Sue

PS-I'm gonna be a grandma in 2 weeks and 1 day... just FYI. I cannot wait to hold this newborn babe!