See what's on our table for Scarborough Fare

See what's on our table for Scarborough Fare


Barren Table...

My sincere apologies for not posting anything fun here, but my fun seems to be buried underneath all sorts of other "stuff". I'm working at digging it out. I've come across a few good recipes that I will share along the way, and hoping for some dinner guests... or even just family to visit soon. It's been a long, sad, and lonely summer. Not much to share in the way of gatherings. Usually our house is bustling with visitors, friends and family alike. This year, not so much. I'll have to work on that. Maybe I'll just take to inviting random friends over for dinner, or families from church. That would be fun. I love trying to do a theme night. Like Mexican with music to match, jazz with laid-back food, classical with comfort food or something like that. Of course, our church family is so full of wonderful cooks, I'll probably be intimidated. :)

Oh... I'll get there. My passion for cooking is still with me... I just haven't had anyone to cook for. My husband isn't home 5 days a week. When he does come home, I cook for an army and send it back with him to his brother's home where he lives during the work week. Whatever I don't send, I freeze.

A portion of my Bible Study on Hospitality (to share with you):

Hospitality: The Gift of Welcome.
Hospitality is the practice of welcoming, sheltering, and feeding - with no thought of personal gain-those who come to your door. Much more than elegant menus, elaborate table settings, or lavish entertainment-hospitality is sharing what we have and who we are with whomever God sends. Hospitality includes setting aside time for fellowship and being flexible in order to accommodate impromptu gatherings.

You can share your heart and life with others, even if the meal is simple and the setting is humble. The most important gift of welcome simply says I care,, I love you, and I have prepared a place for you.

Hospitality must begin at home. Christians are "through love to serve one another without grumbling, maintaining calmness and self-control".

My take on this whole hospitality thing is that although we expend physical energy and sacrifice to prepare a table to share... we are rewarded with meeting new people, making new friends, growing better friendships, and sharing each others thoughts from our hearts and souls.

Leaving you with these quotes -

"Laughter is brightest where food is best." Irish Proverb

"The company makes the feast." English Proverb

Chicken Marsala - One of my son's favorites.

Hugs all around,
Penny Sue