See what's on our table for Scarborough Fare

See what's on our table for Scarborough Fare


All is calm, all is bright... and the dogs are hungry...

Since our family dining room table was completely covered by a disaster, Charles and I opted to have a nice intimate Christmas Eve dinner in the sun-room. He transformed it from the old, mostly enclosed pantry with little to no insulation and a doorway that led to the basement. Not quite complete, but it was the perfect spot, like a private cozy table for two at a restaurant. We were alone this Christmas with no one in the house but us and the "girls". It was quite strange, yet all the same enjoyable.

While I made dinner, three of the girls decided that being very close to the kitchen and table were the best spot in the house. From left to right we have Brandy, Dizzy, and Emily. Not sure where Smidgen was... but the fact that she's not here with the rest can only mean that she's off causing mischief.

I used milk glass objects to hold my plants at three different heights, a beautiful "orange" Amaryllis, and two poinsettias, one variegated fuchsia and white, and one pure white. (And I haven't slain them yet!) Of course, candles for dinner time. I enjoyed setting such a small table for two.

While our roast was finishing up in the oven, we enjoyed a huge platter of shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce. Yum! Don't be aghast, we did not eat the whole thing... really! (Not that we didn't try.) We had to save room for the other "good stuff". I made a small cucumber and red onion salad, which is probably not quite traditional food for this holiday season, but was so very light and refreshing. I just used some red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to season. Tasted like summer. We had a beautiful pull-apart bread (instead of potatoes or something heavy) along with our meal. (I realize now it is missing from the photos.)

Le piece De' resistance'! Compliments of my employers with their generous gift certificate, I was able to purchase this standing rib roast with only a few dollars out of my pocket. I smothered it with seasoning and crusted it with freshly ground black pepper. It was perfect. Our stomachs and souls were contented after this wonderful meal. Thank you Alice and Marybeth.

It was a very calm and blessed Christmas Eve.

Penny Sue